17 Foot Page 3 - Stator

Winding Coils

The coils for the new 17 foot wind turbine are larger than those for the first 17 footer we made. We actually use exactly the same size and shape of coil that we did for the20 foot diameter wind turbine. Again -- if you're thinking of building something like this -- read that page, read the page about the 10 foot wind turbines, and between it all you should be able to put it together. The inside dimensions (the hole in the center of the coils) are 1 inch at the bottom, 1.5 inches at the top, and 3 inches tall. Each coil is wound with 59 turns using two strands of #14 AWG wire in hand. This is definitely an improvement over the older 17 foot wind turbine we built.

building the stator

This stator is just like the first 17 foot wind turbine. It has 12 coils, each phase has 4 coils in series, and it's wired in star. It's shown above in the mold. The mold for this stator is 5/8 inch thick. The outer diameter is 22 inches and the island (inner diameter of the stator) is 10 inches.

almost finished stator

Pictured above is the stator finished, except for casting. We drill out brass 3/8 inch bolts and solder the leads to them. The mold has 3 holes in the bottom which we seal with caulk and mold release (furniture polish). So after the stator is cast we have 3 nice lugs sticking out to make connections to.

finished stator

Shown above is a finished stator fresh out of the mold. Nothing left to do except drill it out to accommodate the studs that support it, and de-burr it a bit with a file or sand paper. Nothing left to do except... assemble the alternator, build blades, build a tower etc.... There is a fair bit of work involved with building one of these systems!